Very Exclussive Little Ancient&Spectacular Sunset on the Beach tour in Mini Cabriolet  from April 1st until October 30th

The tour departs from either Rome  and includes the little Ancient Tour of the Coliseum, , the Garden of the Oranges on the Aventino Hill, St. Peters’  . Departure to  Singita Miracle beach every sunset becomes an unforgettable moment.  As soon as the sun goes down, Singita changes its setting and the beach becomes a romantic living room under the summer sky. White canvas-like cloths, pillows and Indonesian tables replace sun beds to let our guests enjoy the end of the day lying down on the hot sand. The sunset aperitif at Singita Miracle Beach in Fregene will leave you speechless.

The Ritual of the Sunset

The Ritual of the Sunset is celebrated every evening in the very moment the red sky disappears behind the sea. An Indian gentleman rings the gong at the centre of the beach to honour this magnificence of nature. The day is over and the starry night is ready to surprise you.

Music & Art for a magical aperitif time

Enjoy the relaxation of the aperitif time: the restful atmosphere caressed by exotic scents and colours, the great music selected by famous international DJs and the magical performances of Contemporary circus artists


  • 200 Euro for 1 person
  • 380 Euro for 2 people
  • 480 Euro for 3 people
    The Price is only Valid with a reservation 60 days in advance!

Dealer: German & Chinese

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